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Selling your business can be an exciting and difficult time. You have put your heart and soul into growing your business and providing for your family. Now it’s time to transfer the ownership to someone who will continue to grow and nurture your business. There are many reasons for selling a business, and as a Professional Business Broker, we are dedicated to getting you the maximum price for your business, while closing the deal in a time frame that works for you. When you decide to use ADVANTAGE to sell your business, you get professional service combined with our worldwide marketing capabilities. During the entire process everything is kept confidential. We provide full service and guarantee to sell your business at the lowest commission rates.

The benefits that ADVANTAGEprovides you and your business are:

CONFIDENTIALITY -- You want to keep the fact that your business is for sale confidential, and so do we. We understand that public knowledge that your business is for sale might affect operations, employees, and customers. We have all potential buyers sign non-disclosure agreements before we share any business information.

PRE-QUALIFIED BUYERS -- We Pre-qualify Buyers before we share your business information to ensure that they have the financial means and business experience to buy your business. We proudly work with the top SBA lender as our primary lending partner to ensure our buyers have the best possible financing options. 

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS -- Our team has over 50 years of combined business experience to help get you the highest price for your business with the shortest time on the market. 

VALUING YOUR BUSINESS -- The first step in selling your business is valuing it. We provide free business evaluation and are ready to get to work for you. Even if you're not quite ready to sell, we have resources to help plan for when you are ready to sell. To inquire on selling your business or for any questions, call (402) 578-5800 or Contact US


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How Much Is It Worth? What Is Considered When Valuing A Business 

Putting a price tag on your business, or deciding how much to sell your business, can bring you into unknown territory.  No one wants to sell their business for below value, and of course no one wants to overpay. So what are some standard considerations which come into play?

Asset Valuation: This method can be used for retail or manufacturing firms, especially those for which income has fallen flat or have closed. It involves calculating the fair market value or replacement cost of the business’ assets.

Sale Price of Similar Businesses: Comparing how much others have paid for similarly businesses can be very useful in the valuation process. However, the value of this information is correlated to just how similarly the businesses are: are they in similar locales, with a similar market base, with similar assets and a similar outlook?

Income Approach (Cash Value): This approach is usually applied to businesses with several years of profitable activity. It involves calculating the amount of income the owner can expect to enjoy based on past performance of the business. This amount (discretionary earnings) is arrived at after adding back all owner benefits, such as return on investment, a living wage, personal expenses, depreciation, debt service expenses, and others. An appropriate multiple is then selected (based on market and financial factors) and applied to arrive at the valuation.
Valuing a business is a critical and complex process. Seeking the advice of an expert is often advisable. 

We guarantee the lowest commission in the country, with no upfront fees, call for free consultation. With our expertise in financing, we can give you a true evaluation knowing what a buyer could get financing secured.

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