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We guarantee the lowest commission in the country, with no upfront fees, call for free consultation. With our expertise in financing, we can give you a true evaluation knowing what a buyer could get financing secured.

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Advantage Business Brokers is a BBB Accredited Business Broker in Omaha, NE

Do you need a valuation for your business and are not looking to list it on the market. At Advantage Business Brokers we do valuations for business that may need it for various reasons: 

  • You already have a buyer
  • Selling to a partner
  • Taking on a new partner
  • Transferring business to children or other relatives
  • Divorce
  • Other various reason

We provide you with our Professional Opinion of Value.  This is what we believe your business would sell for at this moment in time. We base that off of what we have sold many businesses for over the years and resources that take into account Cash Flow, Assets, and other factors. We can also provide your company with A Certified Business Valuation with our licensed partners for your state.